Schüco Façade FW 50+ SG - Structural glazing

The Schüco FW 50+ SG system can be used to create impressive structural glazing façades of large dimensions. This structural glazing façade is equally impressive in smaller constructions. The flush appearance of the façade is achieved by using profiles that are only visible on the room side. From the outside, only the glazing and the slender shadow joints are visible. With its special edge seal, even gas-filled insulating glass panes and very good Ug values are possible.

Timeless, elegant structural glazing offers uniform and particularly sophisticated architectural solutions for the building envelope

Features and benefits

  1. Structural glazing façade for glass weights up to 400 kg (FW 50+ SG) or up to 450kg (FW 60+ SG).

  2. Slimline joints in 3 designs: as a shadow joint, flush with surface-mounted gasket or flush with wet sealing.

  3. Stainless steel spacers for a gas-tight edge seal achieve very good thermal insulation values. Alternative: aluminium spacers.

  4. Maximum glass dimensions of             2600mm x 4200mm (in accordance with general building approval Z-70.1-46).

  5. Tested as suitable for safety barrier loading and slimline stainless steel compromised.

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FW 50+ SG